Neither Happy Nor Sad. Belarusians Named Least Emotional People In The World

Belarus has once again got on the list of the most non-emotional countries, the authors of the Global Emotions 2018 survey report.

Neither happy nor unhappy.

Gallup believe that GDP doesn’t tell you everything, that’s why they keep asking people worldwide about their lives, work and feelings.

This year they the accessed the emotional states of 154,000 people people from 145 countries and found out that the Belarusians are probably the least emotional nation in the world.

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The questions were divided in two blocks: positive and negative experiences during the previous day.

For example, whether the respondents experienced joy, felt rested or treated with respect, laughed or smiled a lot.

Gallup didn’t just focus on the good life. It also asked respondents about anxiety, sadness, stress or anger

What was discovered?

According to Gallup’s analysis of last year’s data, the crown of happiness goes to Latin America, where adults report lots of positive emotions.

The leaders include Paraguay, Colombia, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Honduras, and Panama.

The only countries outside this region that top the list are Canada, Iceland, Indonesia and Uzbekistan.

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Meanwhile, the negative experience index is the highest in CAR, Iraq, Southern Sudan, Chad, Sierra Leone and Egypt.

Others are Iran, Niger, Palestine, Liberia, Madagascar and Uganda.

As to Belarus, our country has the lowest positive experience index, as well as the lowest negative experience index.

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In Belarus fewer than four in 10 residents reported experiencing positive or negative emtions.

This makes us one of the least emotional countries in the world.


Results for surveys in 2017 are based on telephone and face-to-face interviews with approximately 1,000 adults, aged 15 and older.

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It was conducted throughout the year in 147 countries and areas for the Positive Experience Index and 146 countries for the Negative Experience Index.

The study’s confidence level is 95%.