Why European Men Love Belarusian Women So Much? 4 Foreigners Speak

The majority of European men just can’t think right when they come to Belarus and see our women and no wonder why. They look like goddesses, love passionately and cook like French chefs.

They are simply superwomen!

Four foreigners spoke to TUT.BY and shared their thoughts on why domesticity of Belarusian women acts on European men better than many aphrodisiacs.

Antony, 40 y.o, an architect, lives in Manchester

Married to a Belarusian woman

We were taught from the early childhood that we must first get ourselves on our feet, and only then think about romantic relationships and family.

The problem is that the same thing was said to women. And this is what happens now: we all work 24 hours seven days a week, by 40 we are financially secure and start looking for the other half.

However, the fact is that by this age women already have everything: a career, a house, and a car.

There’s nothing for you to offer, actually she doesn’t really need you. Moreover, we have almost no chance to meet.

After work I go to the gym, at the weekends – watching football with friends. Where can I meet a pretty Englishwoman? At the night club? It’s just one night stand.

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So I started looking for my love in the Internet and found it in Belarus. I understand men who like Belarusian girls.

It’s not about their appearance, or, more precisely, it is not the only thing that matters. I can act like an English gentleman.

First many things baffled me – to open a door in front of a woman, to help her take off her overclothes.

Now I feel like a real man. I am responsible for her, for our family, and I like it.

Jean-Pierre, 42 y.o., Top manager in an IT company, lives in Paris

Married to a Belarusian woman

I was looking for a superwoman who could take care of our children, be a good housekeeper and at the same time look like a goddess.

I also wanted an intelligent, smart and interesting girl who could be successful at work. It turned out that the superwoman really exists. This is not a fantasy. When I met Maria, we forged a bond.

I really appreciate her and still impress by the combination of the two opposite qualities: family devotion and the desire to fulfill herself in her work.

Paris women are more difficult to have relationships with. It seems that they do not appreciate them at all.

The fear to depend on a man has led to the fact that the most important thing disappeared – ‘I’ steadily replaced ‘we’.

It is a rare thing for a woman to ask her man how was his day, besides, she doesn’t care about his feelings, plans or desires.

One of the most important qualities of Belarusian girls is that they take care not only of her man but also relatives and friends.

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Surprisingly, despite the fact that they keep to domestic way of living, they can work hard and have a susseccful career.

It may seem that it is some kind of heaven for a European man – to come to Belarus and to look for the other half.

But the bar raises for us too. You have to court her, to entertain her and make gifts. The Belarusian girls put very high demands on your appearance.

When you go on a date with a European woman, there is no need to think about your appearance.

Thomas, 37 y. o., Lawyer, lives in Frankfurt

Looks for a wife in Belarus

In 2012, my friend and I decided to go to a country that is not considered a popular tourist destination. We have chosen Belarus.

I have recently visited Russia and other countries of Eastern Europe but I was surprised how open and positive people were in Belarus.

You can just walk down the street and “catch” a smile of a passing by girl. This is not something typical for Germany.

Speaking about gender equality, it seems that the media in Western Europe have overdone a bit. Now we are all obsessed with our work and career promotion.

The girls believe that it is very cool to conduct business in an aggressive manner, to be hardline leaders.

A desire for equal professional opportunities, they transferred to all areas of life and lost their femininity.

It also effected their appearance (excess weight, loose clothes), and the character. It is difficult to find warmth, charisma, charm, and simply good manners.

You probably will not believe it but you can seriously confuse a German woman if you give her flowers.

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Now we are all sitting at the office till the midnight. We are convinced that up to 40 years you need to earn money, build a career, and forget about your life.

We believe that you work 12 hours 6 days a week, you will be respected. But will you become more healthy and happy?

I don’t follow these views, so I would like to marry a Belarusian girl. I do not think that there is a serious difference in everyday life, especially if we are talking about the capital, Minsk.

Everything is done by appliances, and there is no need to spend a lot of time doing our household chores.

Belarusians also want to occupy high posts, have a good salary, but they are not obsesseed with this. I am sure that I can make a real, strong family with a Belarusian girl.

Alexander, 25 y. o., Born in Russia, lives in Paris for 5 years

Dates a girl from Belarus

Do you think I did not look with a delight at a Frenchwoman? Honestly, I did, but I fell in love with a girl from Minsk. I met her at the university.

It’s silly to say that I immediately fall in love with her “inner world”. First of all, of course, I liked her appearance.

This is not a myth, I learned it from my own experience: Slavic girls look much better than the girls from Europe.

They are more stylish and choose feminine clothing. None of them will come to studies with a dirty hair.

But the so-called classy Parisians… Later I started appreciating her nature and spiritual qualities, as well as aspiration to coziness and order.

I like Paris, I’m used to the European mentality and I can name numerous things why it’s better here than in my home country but I do not know how to live with a European girl.

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Just imagine: she comes home from work, warms up food from Picard and puts it on a table, that’s it!

They learn how to cleam their houses via advertisement of cleaning agents (who knows who are they trying to seduce by this advertisement), and the top of their duties is to get things from the washing machine and to hang it dry.

You will probably think that I am a typical man whose wife should cook borsch at the kitchen all day long?

It’s not about that, it’s about woman’s attitude towards her man, towards everything around her, about the way woman takes care of her relatives and build relationships.

I know for sure that girls from Belarus can love and are not shy to express their feelings.