Meet Belarusian Woman Who Does Epic Slipts In Minsk Public Places

Meet Olga Zheleznyak, a doting mother of a two-year-old son and loving wife who lives in Minsk. She maybe looks like an ordinary Belarusian woman but she is not!

Olga has a passion, she adores doing splits in public places.

What is even more interesting is that she doesn’t do it for attention but to motivate her students.

The 31-year-old said she was inspired by people taking similar photos in other cities worldwide.

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She started her career as a tailor but soon realized this is not what she wanted to do all her life.

Now she is a professional stretching coach and has over 1,000 followers on her Instagram page.

The new mom already showed her extraordinary physical abilities near the Palace of the Republic, Oktyabrskaya Street and the Opera House.

Actually, Olga is rather shy and stopped posing when someone spotted her during her flexibility practice.

One of the most exciting and adrenaline inducing experience for her was when she decided to do splits in metro.

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Trying to avoid any problems, she and her friend waited for the last train to take a couple of photos.

Even though they thought their prank went unnoticed, someone managed to take a photo and posted it on Twitter next day.

Olga explains her unusual hobby by the contrast of public place and sporting action.

You don’t need to prepare, everything happens spontaneously, that’s why it feels even more better.

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Nonetheless, the woman always tries to follow the rules and not to bother random passers-by.

Even when she got pregnant she didn’t stop exercising and got her best results at that time.

Now Olga has her own flexibility school for adults and believes that actually anyone can do splits of they really want to.

The whole thing about her hobby as well as her lessons is to show there is nothing scary or impossible in expanding your own boundaries.

Source: TUT.BY