Belarusian In Top 28 People Who Will Shape And Shake Europe In 2018

Belarus-Born Evgeny Morozov made it to the list of 28 people who will shape, shake and stir Europe in 2018 compiled by Politico, an American political company and website.

Called tech’s dark prophet, Silicon Valley doubter and even neo-Luddite by Hillary Clinton’s former top digital adviser, the 33-year-old writer is among the people to watch in the year ahead.

Morozov, born in Belarus, raised in Bulgaria, and now living in Spain, is known for his skepticism about the view that the Internet is helping to democratize authoritarian regimes.

He insists that the Internet is a powerful tool for engaging in mass surveillance, political repression, and spreading nationalist and extremist propaganda.

There is no digital paradise

“They offer all sorts of services for free,” he says of the likes of Google, Facebook and Twitter.

But “we do not see the other end of the deal” — the thirst for clicks and likes, the concentration of so much private data in corporate hands.

Long before European capitals woke up to the dark side of digital, Morozov had turned his baleful gaze on the social, economic and privacy implications of recent technological breakthroughs.

As the behavior and business models of American tech giants come under ever harsher spotlights, Morozov — who most likely will have gotten there first — will be somebody to watch.

Predictions and views

Morozov’s most far-reaching prediction is that the effects of the digital revolution will one day feel similar to those of climate change.

Cars, air-conditioners and mass-market goods shuttling across global supply chains are great to have. But “30 years later the bill arrives, and you don’t know what to do with it.”

More and more Belarusians keep appearing in prestigious international rankings and lists.

Andrew Maximov got in 2018 edition of the Forbes 30 Under 30 list of young and inspiring innovators.

Also, Igor Tulchinsky hit the Bloomberg’s list of 50 executives, entrepreneurs, experts, and entertainers whose 2017 merits deserve applause and recognition.

Sources: Politico, TUT.BY

Photo by Rosa Luxemburg-Stiftung