You Can Now Learn Belarusian Language Via Cool Postcards

Postcards may seem like relics of the snail-mail age, but they can still be fun and enlightening. A big set of postcards that will give you an insight into the Belarusian language went on sale.

Learn yourself or share with your friends!

The collection of postcards “Do not keep silence in Belarusian!” were created by the civil campaign Budzma.

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Budzma is known for their creative promotion of the Belarusian language and culture.

The names of clothes, food, animals, flowers, plants, furniture, as well as stationery and car parts.

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These are just some of the words the owners of the cards will be able to learn through the postcadrs.

One can find them at Akademkniga stores (Independence Avenue, 72), Knigarnya Pіsmennika (Kozlova Street 2), Vedy (36 Marx Street), Central Bookstore (Nezavisimosti Avenue, 19).

Other adresses include “Ragna” ethnographic store (Sukhaya Street, 4 / Koroleva Street, 22), Evrika (75 Kuibysheva Street) and Svetoch (Pobediteley Avenue, 11).

Selling points in other cities will appear a bit later.

Recall that Budzma also released a collection of 12 postcards that told the history of Belarus from ancient times till 1990s.

Source: TUT.BY