‘Guys From Facebook Order Our Lunches’. Amazing Story Of A Belarusian Food Truck In Washington

As much as Americans love fast food, they also seem to like Slavic food from a Belarusian food truck touring the streets of Washington. Bel-Feast, that belongs to a Belarusian couple, has managed to indulge even the tastes of Facebook, Twitter, Airbnb employees!

The story of the truck was shared on Facebook by a US-based Belarusian journalist Francišak Viačorka. 

belarusian food truck in washington

The food truck sells dishes of Belarusian, Russian and Ukrainian cuisine. The name of the truck, Bel-Feast, literally means “Belarusian feast”.

The truck’s owner Alexey and his wife Ekaterina come from Grodno, a city in the west of Belarus. They set up the business together after moving to Washington. Prior to that, Alex had studied how other food trucks operate in the U.S.

“I decided to launch a truck with Belarusian food because there is nothing similar here,” Alexey says proudly.

“And we also eager to show that our cuisine is tastier and healthier compared with  American fast food”.

Pancakes and birch sap for Facebook

Bel-Feast stops at a different place in the city every day.

It sells pancakes stuffed with meat, chicken, potatoes with mushrooms, pelmeni, chebureki (fried pies with stuffing), vareniki (dumplings), soups and other dishes.

belarusian food truck in washington

Traditional drinks such as kvass and birch sap, that are common in Belarus but hard to find in America, are also on the menu.

Guys buy birch sap directly from a Ukrainian distributor in the USA. Alex had tried to contact a Belarusian supplier of kvass, but failed to hit it off, so he sells the drink made in Russia.

Alexey admitted that initially the truck was selling draniki, traditional Belarusian potato pancakes.

But after a while thay decided to replace draniki with blinis, or pancakes, because the Belarusian dish is more hard to cook.

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“We are doing much catering of Russian food now. Companies are looking for something new for their business lunches – something that they have not tried before.

Facebook, Twitter and Airbnb offices recently ordered our food. Facebook has ordered lunches three times for the whole office, although there are no Russians there,” Alex said.

The Belarusian added that their food is quite popular with other companies, too.

belarusian food truck in washington

In the near future Alex and his wife plan to expand and launch other “Bel-Feasts”.

Sources: Facebook, citydog.by. Photo: Facebook/Bel-Feast. Translated by Nadzeya Prasvirava.