Huge Festival In Minsk Will Celebrate Belarusian Music, Dance And Food This Sunday

Even though it seems that good weather got lost on its way to Belarus, summer music and tourist season will start on Sunday, 30 April. No matter what!

Folk festival Vytoki (“roots”) will gather over 200 craftsmen from across the country in Verchny Gorad (the Upper Town) starting 13:00.

Best Belarusian folk ensembles Vyazynka, Tsernіtsa and the legendary dance company Kharoshkі (from 20.00 to 22.00) will be performing on the stage in front of the concert hall.

The streets of the historical centre will also turn into one big playground.

For example, anyone who wants to learn to sing Belarusian folk songs will be welcome at Speuny schod (“singing gathering”) event in Karetniy dvorik (Cyril and Methodius St 8). This event will be led by the musician and soloist of the popular folk band Vuraj Sergey Dolgushev and will consist of several parts.

Kharoshki perform at Miss Belarus 2016

From 15.00 to 16.00 there will be a master class in traditional singing techniques followed by women singing with the Myarezha band.

A lesson of music of the outstanding composers Stanislaw Moniuszko and Mihail Kleofas Oginski will take place from 17:00 to 18:00, after which guests of the festival will be able to enjoy male singing with Rada band.

But we recommend coming at 21:00 when the lesson of traditional drinking songs will start!

During the whole festival its guests will have an opportunity to enjoy Belarusian national cuisine and get familiar with traditional crafts in the streets of  the Upper Town.