500m Swim And 5km Run. Belarusian Double Amputee Conquers US Triathlon

Tatiana Khvitsko-Trimborn took part in Shawnee Mission Triathlon in Kansas, USA. Despite the fact she has no legs, the woman who was born as a double bilateral amputee due to Chernobyl radiation, has load of persistence and bravery.

What an inspiration she is!

The Belarusian wonder woman has recently took to her Instagram account to share her emotions after the tournament.

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The 27-year-old wrote: “I did a 500m swim, John (her husband) rode hilly 9-ish miles and then I finished with 3.1m run!”

My first triathlon and definitely not the last! 😊 Since I can’t bike yet (which I am ok with 😉), my husband did his duty! ❤️ Today John and I did a Shawnee Mission Triathlon and we absolutely loved every moment of it. 😁 I did a 500m swim, John rode hilly 9-ish miles and then I finished with 3.1m run! 🏊‍♂️ 🚲 🏃🏼‍♀️ Huge thank you to the race organizers for all your help with today (whether answering all of my goofy question or carrying me into and out of the water)! 💦 Thank you to everyone who cheered for us – I loved all the support! Thank you to @coachjwolf for all your training 😅 and huge thank you to my husband for being a tad crazy with me and doing this race as a team! You are the best partner I could have ever asked 🤗 Looking forward to next year! ☺️

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Tatiana Khvitko was born in Nesvizh, Belarus. In 2008, she moved to Kansas City, where she graduated from the university with a degree in business ethics.

At the moment she works in the Knit-Rite company that produces socks for those who wear prostheses, and people with a diabetes.

Shawnee Mission Triathlon was a success! 😍 more info in the next post!!

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Tanya, who can’t imagine her life without running, took part in several marathons. In 2017, she tried herself in St. Louis marathon, but dropped out of it due to hyperthermia.

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However, she couldn’t afford herself to give up and in April this year she became the first female double blade runner who completed the 26.2 miles on prosthetic legs.