Belarusian Held Captive For 7 Years In Libya Comes Back Home

Vyacheslav Kachura, the last of the Belarusian citizens who were held in captivity by rebel fighters in Libya since August 2011, finally came back home on Friday, 2 February.

“Thank you for the dad!” – the son of Vyacheslav Kachura said.

Vyacheslav Kachura, the ex chief of staff of the 334th special forces squad, was met by his son and daughter, media and local authorities at the Minsk National Airport.

In August 2011, Vyacheslav and his comrades from the Crimea were detained by the Libyan militants, who accused them of complicity in fostering the regime of Muammar Gaddafi.

According to the militants, the group allegedly repaired Lybia’s air defense means that “posed a threat to the coalition of pilots who defend the people of Libya”.

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The man was held in captivity for more than six years. All these years this problem was in the focus of attention of the Belarusian side.

“I’m so happy to to meet my family. Now I’m going home to Maryina Gorka. What are my plans?

I don’t know yet. The first thing I will do is – restore the documents and see the doctors, maybe I need some medical examination,” the former prisoner said.

Recall that in June 2011, Kachura, together with a group of international experts from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus flew to Tripoli, all of them had a military contract there.

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Two months later 19 people were taken captive. Only in August 2014 the diplomats managed to secure the release of three Belarusians: Fedor Trusanov, Valery Gordienko and Igor Edimichev.

Vyacheslav Kachura was the only one who spend in captivity almost seven year. Kachura took part in the war in Afghanistan and was the chief of staff of the 334th special forces squad.

Alexander Lukashevich, the Deputy Head of the Consular Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus, said that the release of Vyacheslav Kachura was made possible thanks to the hard work and assistance of Belarus’ friends from many countries.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus expresses its gratitude to the partners who contributed to the solution of all issues related to the release and return of our citizen,” the diplomat said.

Sources: TUT.BY, BelTA