Worth Millions! Technology Developed By Belarusians Implemented In YouTube

The technology developed by Belarusians is implemented in YouTube and will soon be available to millions of users around the world, Techcrunch reports.

No green screen required!

Google’s new YouTube feature lets a user to swap out the background when recording video.

To put it simple, a new feature will let you hide a messy room or convince your friends that you’re currently hanging out on Mars with Musk’s Starman.

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The “video segmentation” feature is already availbal at YouTube Stories on mobile but in a limited fashion.

If you see the option, congratulations, you’re a beta tester!

Recall that Google bought Belarusian AIMATTER company, the developers of neural network apps Fabby and Fabby Look, in August last year.

The apps allow user to change background and hair colour on photos and video in real time regardless of the internet connection.

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The innovative approach of quickly processing images using neural networks – this is what probably attracted Google in due time.

Not so long ago another Belarus’ neural network start up MapData was aquired by American mapping and location company Mapbox.