5 Essential Items To Pack On A Winter Trip To Belarus

If you’re traveling Belarus in winter, let us tell you, the winters here are no joke. However, don’t let unpredictable temperatures, a constant threat of rain and snow put you off your trip.

Here’s an ultimate packing list for your winter journey in Belarus. Let’s jump right in, shall we?

1. Swimwear

Bet you didn’t expect that. Well, it may sound counter-intuitive but one of the best parts of visiting a country in winter is that you can take part in winter swimming festivals.

Moreover, if you come to Belarus on Epiphany, you will have a chance to celebrate it like a local by plunging into the icy waters.

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If you are not really into extreme activities, you can always go to steaming banya or numerous water parks that organize parties all year round.

A pair of flipflops will be of use too. Plus, it will make your showers and nightly bathroom visits more hygienic and comfortable.

2. Sturdy walking shoes

Minsk, as well as other Belarusian cities, has an excellent public transport system with a network of metros, trams and buses. Surely, no one can deny that the city’s charm is best captured on foot.

Put comfort ahead of fashion and take a pair of sturdy warm shoes that can handle rain, snow, and ice. The last thing you want to think about when exploring the place is wet feet and frozen toes.

Don’t forget your lip balm and hand cream too!

3. Sunglasses 

You wouldn’t think you’d need that in winter, but believe us you’ll be grateful for them on bright days.

When the sun meets snow, sunglasses will be your savior. Not to mention, it will give you a trendy look.

4. Obvious must-haves

Needless to say, you need to pack obvious things like warm and at the same lightweight clothes. Mind that big, chunky sweaters are probably not the best idea.

Start with a base layer of thermal underwear and add the clothes versatile enough to mix and match.

Don’t let stereotypes fool you, you won’t necessarily facу Arctic weather conditions, temperatures here usually fluctuate from month to month.

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Also, shops, restaurants and museums in Belarus are well heated, you’ll be surprised how few clothes you need to wear indoors. And yet, your must-have list should include a winter coat, warm gloves, scarf and hat.

A lifehack from the locals, they say wool socks bought from babushkas in the metro keep you warm and comfy better than any others.

A bonus tip, don’t forget about the power converters and adapters! With phones, laptops, and other gadgets, it’s important to have the right gear with you.

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Remember that your electrical system can be different from ours, both in voltage and in shape of the plug.

5. Good camera

While you might think your camera phone is more than enough. You may change your mind when seeing what kind of beauty awaits you in a winter wonderland.

Allan Dixon

If you are lucky enough, there’s a chance you may see the Northern lights, meet wild creatures or take part in some local winter rituals. These are just some of the moments where a good cam wouldn’t be out.

Snow, frost and sun! This is when magic happens that stuns you, spellbounds you and make fall in love with Belarus beauty forever.