Offbeat 320km Zubr Shaped Route Mapped Out For Tourists In Belarus

There are countless routes to explore the capital of Belarus but this offbeat 320km route in the shape of a zubr won’t leave anyone indefferent.

Get ready for some unique adventures!

See an experimental Soviet wind turbine, explore an upside down house, visit the only felt boots factory in the country and a village of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania times in one day!

Besides, you can add your own places of interest to the map to make the trip even more exciting. The route is designed for a daytime car trip.

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Every location on the GPS-drawing is accompanied with an amusing commentary, so the journey around Minsk turns into a full-scale excursion.

Today, anyone can upload a map with a zubr shaped route to their GPS-navigator and try it out.

“We took into consideration the spots which are interesting for the Belarusians themselves. Surprisingly that the mapped out places took shape of the zubr.

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For instance, thanks to the M2 track our bison has a perfect back, the Minsk-2 airport has become a tail and Dzerzhinskaya Mountain turned in an eye.

There are 15 points on the map in total. Many of them remain unknown for residents of the country. But it would be even more interesting to show them to our guests.

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Let’s say, the artifact in the Raubichi museum is the most popular architectural exhibit mentioned by the foreign press.

Articles about the birch bark cup with the zodiac circle are constantly published by scientific journals of the USA and Europe,” creator of the map Eugene Shaposhnikov said.

The creation of the route was initiated by the AZS A100 company.

It now challenges other brands to develop their own routes to help Belarusians and foreigners explore uncharted places in Belarus.