Belarus to impose full control over IP-telephony

Full control of IP-telephony (in other words, calls via Internet) will be introduced in Belarus in September this year. Telephone and mobile operators and internet providers will be required to identify IP-telephony traffic and block it in case of violations of the order of data transmission. All IP-telephony software and hardware will be subject to mandatory registration.

The relevant order was approved by the president on July 12, 2016 and will come into force on September 18, 2016.

Picture: arci.com.mx

Picture: arci.com.mx

The document contains guidelines on the operation of the system that will counter violations of traffic transmission. Its main function is to ensure compliance with the  legislation regulating traffic in telecommunication networks.

The new regulation outlaws the old fraudulent scheme when so-called “GSM-gateways” were used to transfer usual telephone calls to Internet and vice versa.

Besides, new rules will affect popular messengers in case calls are made via Internet to fixed or mobile numbers (for example, through Viber Out), or from normal phone or cell phone to a messenger user.

In case of violations authorities will order an operator or provider to block illegal traffic. In addition, violations or “suspicious behavior” will lead to subscriber numbers (not subscribers themselves!) to be included into a special registry, a system used “to receive, store, collect, analyz and provide information about the vialoations of the order of traffic transmission, including information about users, to whom the service was provided”.

Source: TUT.BY