List Of Smoke-Free Public Places May Be Significantly Increased In Belarus

smoking smoke-free zone

Photo: UN press service

Belarusian authorities are considering a complete ban of smoking at public transport stops, in playgrounds and beaches, representative of the Republican Center for Hygiene, Epidemiology and Public Health told the media.

To create a smokeless environment, public places where smoking is prohibited will be divided into two categories – completely smoke-free places and places with specially designated smoking zones.

Smoking will be completely outlawed at public transport stops, in metro passages, children’s playgrounds, buildings that house sports organizations. Beaches and elevators will also go in the smoke-free category.

There are plans to prohibit smoking in cars and and premises where children under 14 are present.

The list of places with specially designated smoking zones will include shops and markets, service and catering facilities, premises and territories where state organizations, educational institutions, cultural and health organizations are located. Smoking zones will also be created in or near social services organizations, banks, insurance companies, hotels.

The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Emergency Situations will work out the requirements for smoking zones. They will be marked with special signs.

Anti-smoking law was prepared by the Ministry of Health of Belarus back in 2013. But it has not been passed so far – its adoption was postponed several times.

According to the official statistics, 27.9% of adults in Belarus are smokers, while a big part of the population is exposed to passive smoking.