7 Curious Sex Facts. What Belarusians Searched On Internet In 2017

The new year is almost upon us and it’s probably the best time to take a look back and analyze the search trends on Google and Yandex of Belarusians in 2017.

Warning: the review is for 18+ only!

1. We love TV series but…

Movies for adults are more popular than TV series in Belarus.

At least 6 million requests for adult content are monthly registered by Yandex, while the series account only for 2 million requests.

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2. Google or Yandex?

Minskers usually use Yandex to look for the 18+ content, while Borisov and the Mogilev region citizens prefer Google.

3. Chastity in Belarus

Lyntupy is one of the most chaste towns of the country.

It boasts only 57 requests for the adult movies on Yandex per month.

4. LGBT and family

Same-sex love videos are most popular among Google users from Gomel and the Gomel region.

Borisov and the Minsk region residents are keen on the movies about “relationships” with relatives.

5. Men’s health

Looks like impotence doesn’t really bother the Belarusian men.

Information about the erectile dysfunction is searched about 3 times less often than about migraines, and 10 times less often than about gastritis.

6. What is love?

Belarusians google equally often “what is sex” and “what is love” questions.

Interestingly, the peak of requests about love falls on January, and about sex – on May.

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Next on the list are “what is the Internet, spinner, esketit and lobogreika”.

7. Wife and husband

A word “wife” is most often searched on Google with a word “good”.

Yandex users usually look for the “wife” as the character of the movie for adults.

Meanwhile, a “husband for an hour” tops the search on Google and a “former husband” on Yandex.

Source: TUT.BY