Belarus In Top 5 Countries By Number Of Sanctions Against Russia

Belarus got in the top five countries by the number of restrictions against Russia, according to a report by the Russian Ministry of Economic Development.

The European Union remains the leader both in the number of restrictions and in financial terms that affected the Russian economy last year.

belarus russia sanctions

From the data provided by the ministry, it follows that the EU imposed 25 restrictions against Russia. This is followed by Ukraine (22), India (16), Belarus (13), Turkey (12) and the USA (9).

In total, Belarus applied 13 restrictive measures (which are not specified in the document) against Russia. As to financial damages, the sanctions of the EU ($ 2.4 billion), the United States ($ 1.1 billion) and Ukraine ($ 775 million) affected the Russian economy the most.

Others include Turkey ($ 713 million), India ($ 377 million), Iran ($ 320 million) and China ($ 174 million). Belarus holds 10th position, the damage from the restrictions by our country amounted to $42 million.

In total, 159 restrictive measures have been introduced by 62 countries against Russia. Restrictions include market protection measures (anti-dumping, countervailing, special and protective duties), other non-tariff measures (licensing, quotas, technical barriers, sanitary and phytosanitary measures) and sanctions.

The greatest losses caused by the restrictions are in the metallurgical sector, the agricultural and chemical industry of Russia. The estimated damage from the sanctions is reportedly over $6 billion US dollars.