Media: Foreigners Won’t Be Able To Enter Russia Via Belarus By Car Starting 1 August

It might no longer a possibility for a foreigner to enter Russia via Belarus, starting 1 August, several Russian media report.

The restrictions will apply to natural persons only.

The third-country nationals wont’be able to cross the Belarusian-Russian border by car, the logistics website Logirus writes. The decision was taken in compliance with the Russian law “On the State Border of the Russian Federation.”

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It says that all categories of foreign nationals can enter or leave Russia through multilateral/bilateral border crossing points open to international traffic.

However, there are no such border crossings at the Russian-Belarusian border.

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Therefore, only citizens of Russia or Belarus can cross the border by car. The International Road Transport Union and the Belarusian association of international carriers haven’t recieved the reports yet.

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Although, the Belarusian Foreign Ministry confirmed that the Russian side has already sent a notification to Belarus.

It means that Polish, Lithuanian and Ukrainian drivers will have to go around Belarus via Latvia and Ukraine to enter Russia.

The step is seen as Russia’s counter measure to Belarus recent extension of visa free regime to foreign citizens.