We Need Objective Facts: Belarus First Reaction To Russia-Ukraine Escalation

Belarus is sincerely and deeply interested and consistently advocates for the soonest peaceful resolution of the crisis in Ukraine.

Belarusian diplomats made first statements about the latest escalation of conflict between the neighboring states.

Photo: REUTERS/Vasily Fedosenko

The resolution of the crisis in Ukraine is in the interest of the Belarusian nation. So maximum effort should be put to avoid further escalation of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, says the statement of Belarus’ permanent delegation to the OSCE on 29 November.

 “The unfavorable development of the events threatens not only regional but also international security,” said Belarus drawing the attention of the conflicting sides to their role in the world security.

Belarus also expressed readiness to “provide any assistance” to bring the settlement of the conflict closer:

“We don’t try to give advice. But there’s a rapid increase in tension very close to Belarus, which, although indirectly, affects our country.”

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Makei: Emotional talk may worsen tension

Similar concerns and warnings sounded in the speech of the Belarusian Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei at a press-conference in Minsk on Thursday.

According to the official, the current situation in the Kerch Strait confirms the relevance of the warnings that had been repeatedly stated by Belarus president – the world is gradually moving to the hazard of a large-scale conflict.

Moreover, emotional statements from outside players may only worsen the situation in Ukraine, Makei believes.

“We are located close. We feel the results, the consequences of this confrontation both indirectly and directly. Therefore, we wouldn’t like to see any further steps that would lead to further escalation of tension in our region,” the minister said answering the questions from the media.

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Belarus is confident that both sides of the Russia-Ukraine conflict are well aware of their responsibility for the regional security. The country is ready to contribute to the resolution of the tension if that “would be acceptable to relevant political players”, the head of Belarus Foreign Ministry noted.

Vladimir Makei also mentioned that Belarus President didn’t contact his Ukrainian counterpart  Petro Poroshenko directly after the crisis in the Kerch Strait broke out.

“We tracked the statements from both sides. But there was no direct contact. Of course, it would be important for us to receive objective information from one side and the other (from Ukraine and Russia – note BelarusFeed) in order to have the real analysis of the situation,” the minister explained.

The Foreign Minister added that they plan to work out recommendations for Belarusians for visiting Ukraine in connection with the introduction of martial law.

Escalation at sea

The tension between Russia and Ukraine escalated on 25 November after the incident between vessels from the two neighboring countries off the coast of Crimea. On Monday evening, the Ukrainian government declared martial law in some border regions.

On 29 November Petro Poroshenko urged NATO to send ships to the Sea of Azov.

The UN called on both sides to step away from further confrontation at sea.