Belarus Opens Visa-Free Entry To 80 Countries On 12 February

Today Belarus has opened visa-free entry to travelers from 80 countries. First visa-free tourists arrived in Belarus from China, Finland and Italy.

Travelers can enter the country visa-free for up to 5 days provided they arrive and leave through Minsk National Airport.


First visa-free tourists are welcomed at Minsk airport on Sunday, 12 February 2017. Photo credit: Dmitry Brushko/TUT.BY

Visa-free entry will apply to citizens of 39 European states, including all EU countries, as well as to Brazil, Indonesia, the USA, Japan and other states (full list).

To enter Belarus visa-free, foreigners need to have a valid passport or other travel document, a certain sum of money (25 Euro (or equal amount in dollars or Belarusian rubles) for each day of stay), and a medical insurance with coverage for at least 10,000 Euros that in valid in Belarus.

11 FAQs On Visa-Free Entry

There’s no need to register as the registration is required only for travelers staying in Belarus for more than 5 days.

If you’re not sure about the things to do in Belarus during 5 days, here are some ideas on sightseeing in Minsk and around, or enjoying the last winter month.

You can also download a couple of handy travel apps to guide you.

In 2016 Belarus allowed made Grodno and Augustow Canal park visa-free for trips of up to 5 days, a year earlier foreign tourists were allowed visa-free to Bialowieza Forest national park.

The country also lowered the cost of long-term visas for Europeans in January 2017.

According to the latest statistics, about 300,000 organized tourists visited Belarus in 2015. Foreigners, who come on their own, are not counted in the statistics.