Belarus Might Approve Visa-Free Travel For 80 Countries By The End Of 2016

Foreign visitors from 80 countries who arrive in Belarus through Minsk Airport will be able to spend 5 days without a visa, the media report with the reference to the Deputy Minister of Sport and Tourism Mikhail Portnoy.


According to the official, the draft document has been submitted to the Council of Ministers for consideration and may be signed “in a couple of months”. The document is a consolidated project of the Ministry of Sport and Tourism, Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The countries in question are countries “without migration problems”, e.g. neighbors of Belarus, other EU states, the USA, Canada, etc.

It is expected that the regulation will apply not only to tourist groups but to independent travelers as well.

The Deputy Minister underlined that visa-free entrance will apply only to tourists arriving through the National airport. However, it is too early to speak about any concrete time when the document can come into force if approved.

“One of the obstacles for the development of┬átourism is visa regime. Work in this direction is carried out in pieces: we abolished visas to Belovezhskaya Pushcha, a similar decree on the Augustow Canal was signed a few days ago. Visa-free regime is already applied to citizens of Israel, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and China. By doing this steps we check how the system is working”, Mikhail Portnoy said at a joint ministerial meeting last week.