Belarus-made MSQRD Hits Lists of Best Apps of 2016 in App Store and Google Play

Apple has named face-shifting app MSQRD as the runner up for best iPhone app, the iPhone App of the Year being the photo editing app Prisma.

The annual Best of 2016 charts for the App Store, iTunes Store, and iBooks Store was published by Apple on Tuesday, 6 December, macrumors.com reports.


Curiously, both Prisma and MSQRD were created by Russian-speaking developers and mentored by Yuri Gursky, a Belarusian investor and entrepreneur and ex-Vice president of new products in Russia Mail.Ru Group.


MSQRD, developed by Belarusians and sold to Facebook in 2016, was named among Top 5 trending Google Play apps of 2016 last week.

The app lets users superimpose celebrity faces over their own in selfie videos. It was first developed by Belarusians Sergey Gonchar, Eugene Zatepyakin and Eugene Nevgen during a 48-hour so-called hackathon in Minsk in November 2015.

By New Year 2016, Belarusians had developed a full-scale service letting users try on dozens of faces, ranging from Snoop Dogg to Leo Di Caprio. The app quickly gained popularity in over 20  markets across the globe and climbed to third place overall in U.S. iTunes App Store downloads at its peak during Oscar week.

MSQRD was bought by Facebook in March 2016.