Belarus In Top 10 Countries With Cheapest Internet Access

Belarus takes the 7th place in the global ranking of the countries with the cheapest broadband internet access.

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The experts of BDRC Continental and Cable.co.uk analysed over 3,351 broadband packages in 196 countries between 18 August and 12 October.

For each country, they calculated the average monthly fee for broadband internet access and converted it to US dollars.

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In Belarus they analyzed offers from 24 providers. The average monthly fee for a broadband package was $12.77 (slightly more than 25 Belarusian rubles).

Surfing the net is also cheap in the countries of the former USSR with the price coming up to $5.51 in Ukraine, $9.93 in Russia and $13.71 in Kazakhstan.

Iran provides the world’s cheapest broadband, with an average cost of $5.37 a month.

Sub-Saharan Africa fared worst overall with almost all of the 31 countries measured as the most expensive in the world.

Burkina Faso has the highest broadband prices worldwide, with an average price of $954.54.

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Despite the Eastern Europe is considered to be the cheapest internet region, the broadband speed in Belarus leaves much to be desired.

Belarus was ranked 64th in the world with 6.68 Mbit/s broadband speed.

Sources: TUT.BYCable.co.uk