Belarus In Top 3 Lowest Income European Countries

Belarus hit the list of top three countries with the lowest average purchasing power in Europe, according to the Purchasing Power Europe 2017 ranking.

Money, money, money…

German research company GfK ranked the countries via the disposable income of the population – an income minus taxes and other fees paid per year.

Expectedly, the study revealed that the available net income among the researched 42 countries varies enormously.

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It turned out that the wealtiest people live in Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Iceland.

Meanwhile citizens of Belarus, Moldova and the Ukraine have the lowest average purchasing power.

Blue indicates the regions with the lowest disposable income, red areas are with the highest disposable income

Unfortunately, there is no data on Belarus but the Ukraine has 1/66 of the per-capita purchasing power available to inhabitants of Liechtenstein.

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In 2017, Europeans have a total of around €9.4 trillion for spending on food, accommodation, living expenses, services and energy costs.

Private retirement savings, insurance, vacation, mobility and other consumer purchases were also included.

This corresponds to an average per-capita purchasing power of €13,937, which indicates moderate growth of 1.9 percent and a significant improvement over last year’s figures.

Source: gfk.com