Belarus In Top 10 World Movies And Cartoons

Belarusian badass nanny for the Griffins, supernatural locations and South Park farmers, there’s certainly been no shortage of odd Belarus references on screen recently. 

It turns out that Belarus is quite popular both in Hollywood dream factory and European film industry.

We’ve compiled a list of the movies and cartoons where it was mentioned at least once:

1. Want to buy a warhead ? Just visit Minsk!

John Travolta in Swordfish boasts that could easily buy in Minsk nuclear warheads.

“You know, I can buy nuclear warheads in Minsk for 40 million a piece. Damn! Yes, if I take a dozen, they will make me even a discount!”

2. Belarus Sherlock Holmes

In the British TV series Sherlock Holmes travels to Minsk so an English inmate could plead his case to him.

– What is about the case in Russia? – Dr. John Watson asks Sherlock.

– Belarus – says Holmes.

3. Jesus saves Belarusians 

This is the story of the 13th episode of “South Park” (16 series). Belarus is in the centre of the plotline.

One can see tractors, farmers and other Belarusian realities. Oh, and mountains covered in snow – a “typical” feature of the landscape of Belarus.

4. Belarusian mafia

In the movie “The Tourist” starring Angeline Jolie and Johnny Depp Reginald Shaw has mercenary assassins.

Throughout the film, these mercenaries speak Belarusian trying to pronounce “Zrazumeu” and something that sounds like “Pajshou ty”.

5. Supernatural Belarus

A few mentions of Belarus can be noticed in the TV series “Supernatural”.

Angel Castiel (in season 6) brings the protagonists of the night field. He says that they are in Belarus.

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In season 8 producers mention Belarus again. One episode moves us to Vitebsk in 1942.

6. Defiance

The film stars Daniel Craig and Liev Schreiber.

Defiance is based on true events and tells the story of four brothers, who during the Nazi occupation of Belarus created a partisan unit and saved about 1,200 Jews from death.

7. Belarus in Mission Impossible 5

The story begins in Belarus.

Secret agents try to get on a plane that is going to take off from a military aerodrome in Minsk.

The plane carries chemical weapons from Minsk to Damask, but special agent Ethan Huntm (Tom Cruise) manages to stop the sending of dangerous cargo.

8. Belarusian Friends

Lisa Kudrow, an American actress, has Belarusian roots. Her ancestors were born in the Belarusian village of Ilia.

Besides, in one episodes of “Friends” Phoebe’s boyfriend was sent to Minsk for his research.

9. Tom Hanks is a Belarusian woman!

A funny incident occurs in the movie “The Terminal”.

The film’s protagonist Victor Navorski can not return to his native Krakoziya and remains in the US airport.

At customs’ check, Victor shows his driver’s license. If you look at the English inscription, it is correct.

But any Belarusian will laugh because this document is registered for a woman. Her name is Gulnara Nadyrovna Gulina, she is from Gomel.

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When the movie “The Terminal” was shown in Belarus, local journalists found interesting information.

This woman really lived in Gomel, but moved to the United States 1999. Nobody knows how license got to the American director.

10. Belarusian Badass Nanny

In the latest episode of Family Guy titled “Nanny Goats” the Griffins hire a nanny for the children.

the griffins belarus

It turns out that Natalia, from Belarus, is not an ordinary babysitter — this woman is a dangerous assassin.

Besides, she likes to read scary books about her native country to the kids when their parents, Peter and Lois Griffin, are away.

Do you know any other movies mentioning Belarus?

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