Belarus Hi-Tech Park Will Be Given New Office Spaces In Minsk Centre

Some of the inefficiently used buildings and territories located near Yakub Kolas Square in Minsk will be given into operational management of the Hi-Tech Park (HTP). This decision was made following a meeting with the president on Tuesday, November 15.

There are plans to develop the territory within Kulman, Vera Kharuzhaya and Yakub Kolas streets to create knowledge-based high-tech facilities there.


“The main entity that will develop this territory is the HTP. It will create space for programmers and companies planning to develop new business ideas. There will also be private investors to provide maintenance, trade, public catering services. This area in the center of Minsk should meet all modern requirements”, city officials told the media.

This area is in close proximity to the universities that closely cooperate with the Hi-Tech Park.

The volume of the HTP’s investment in the area is estimated at $30 mln, and it is expected that the area will be completely tranformed in two years.

The interests of all the entities that already operate in that area will be legally protected, officials assured.