UPDATED: Belarus Girl Dubbed “World’s Hottest” Math Teacher After A Classroom Video Of “Her” Goes Viral

Pictures of Oksana Nevesalaya from Minsk suddenly appeared in the headlines of many media that described the girl as a “sensual and intelligent teacher”.

Oksana became famous after a student posted a classroom video with a similarly looking woman on Youtube. However, as it turned out, Internet users and the media have made a mistake – the girl is not a teacher and has graduated from school only this year.

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The pretty blonde has been dubbed ‘the world’s hottest math teacher’ and garnered a huge Instagram following of more than 200,000 fans and over 10,000 people have like her FB page.

The girl in the clip, which is just 45 seconds long, is seen wearing a sleeveless grey dress and sandals with her long blonde hair worn in waves.

She is seen addressing the class, before turning back to the whiteboard. Various versions of the original video have racked up hundreds of thousands of views, Daily Mail writes.

But to the great dissapointment of many, Oksana doesn’t work at school. The girl has actually graduated from one of the schools in Minsk in 2016.

Most recent pics show her having a holiday in Malaysia. She has also posted numerous photos from Minsk where she lives and from her other travels.

In a short comment, Oksana said she is not particularly enthusiastic about the unexpected fame.

The girl explained that the hype started when she went on vacation to Malaysia. People in the streets were asking her for pictures, and the number of her Instgram followers began to sore. It went really high when a popular blogger on Youtube called her the teacher from the video, which she is not.

Oksana is now taking a gap year and plans to enter university later. She is fond of foreign languages and playing chess.