Belarus Free Theatre In Top 10 Best Theaters Of 2017 – The New York Times

The blazing contemporary new work “Burning Doors” of Belarus Free Theatre hit the list of the Best Theatre preformances of 2017 compiled by the New York Times.

“The world’s most visible and lionized underground theater,” the chief theater critic of The New York Times.

Every year, the chief theater critics of the magazine hand pick and share the most exciting shows that left them breathless and “Burning Doors” is one of them.

This is how Ben Barntley describes the play that made him deeply grateful for the refuge that theatre can provide.

“Burning Doors. Subversion that matters, delivered with artfully channeled rage by the Belarus Free Theater, based and banned in Minsk.

The troupe returned to New York this fall with a five-alarm, viscerally charged tour through the past and present of the art of resistance in Eastern Europe, from Dostoevsky’s parables of self-laceration to the fabled protest performances of Pussy Riot.”

In a searing performance Belarus Free Theatre combined forces with Maria Alyokhina, a member of the Russian punk-feminist rock group Pussy Riot who had been arrested and imprisoned for a song mocking Russia President Vladimir Putin.

Through the prism of persecuted artists who will not be silenced, Burning Doors reveals how people of art living under dictatorship illuminate the knife-edge of complacency in democratic societies.

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The play is preformed in Russian with Ebglish supertitles.

Belarus Free Theatre (BFT) is a UK-based international award-winning theatre company founded on principles of freedom of speech and artistic expression.

It is one of the leading refugee-led theatre company in Britain and the only theatre in Europe banned by its government on political grounds.

The theatre focuses on social justice, taboo zones and violation of human rights across the globe.