Best In Travel 2019: Belarus In Top 10 Countries By Lonely Planet

If you can’t decide where to go next year, global travel giant Lonely Planet has some suggestions and Belarus has made the cut.

No reason not to go!

belarus lonely planet

Lonely Planet team announced its picks for the hottest travel destinations, trends and experiences for 2019. Belarus is tipped to be big next year. The Best in Travel 2019 book credits the country for being open to new travelers on the back of relaxed visa requirements.

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Its online guide describes Belarus this way: “Long a beacon for those seeking the obscure, Belarus has quietly become cool.”

Minsk earns kudos for “its impeccably restored Old Town, centred around the graceful ratusha (town hall), evening revellers erupt out of bierstubes and fashionable cocktail bars to join raucous summer street parties.”

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Belarus’s capital is also recognised as “a hub for global events and summits. Next up: the 2019 European Games.” Among other perks are “sneaky-good art and cafe scene, and locals who party like it’s 1999.”

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Sri Lanka, Germany and Zimbabwe topped the top 10 countries list. Then go Panama, Jordan, Indonesia, São Tomé and Príncipe  – an African island nation – took ninth place while number 10 went to Belize in Central America.

On the best cities roster, Denmark’s capital Copenhagen is number one, followed by China’s analogue of Silicon Valley, Shenzhen.

Original photo by Lonely Planet