Belarus Is Like… 10 Unexpected Comparisons With Random Countries

For many people abroad Belarus in an unexplored land. They imagine it to be a city, an island or part of Russia.

We have decided to look into Belarus’ similarities to other countries, and explore what places that are different at the first glance have in common.

Belarus is like…

Canada. People in both countries adore hockey!

… Scotland. Both are often mistaken for being part of the bigger neighboring country.

… Singapore. The Asian country is known for its extremely clean and neat streets. The Belarusian capital Minsk and other cities are usually praised for that, too. 

… Venezuela. Women’s beauty is the common thing here. Venezuelan contestants got Miss Universe crown 7 times.

What concers Belarusian girls, no contests are needed – beauty is everywhere in the country. 

belarus countries comparisons… UAE. The population of both countries is about nine and half million people.

… Tanzania. Both countries are ranked No13 biggest countries on their continents. 

 … Vietnam. We make tractors Belarus. They print them on money!

Pre-2003 200 dong banknote

… Italy. People go crazy about pizza in Belarus so one can find it in the menu of every second restaurant or cafe. By the way, there’s a type of Belarusian fast food called smazhanka that somewhat resembles the Italian dish!

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… Lithuania. The countries share a lot of common history. Besides, the Lithuanian coat of arms is very similar to Belarusian Pahonia (the image of present-day national symbol was depicted on the coat of arms of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania).

… Georgia. People in both countries are extremely hospitable and love receiving guests. 

If you know about something fun and unusual that Belarus and your motherland have in common, tell us about it!

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