Top 8 Quotes Of President Alexander Lukashenko During Congress of Scientists

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko took part in a plenary session of the second Congress of Scientists of Belarus on Wednesday, 13 December.

The session brought together the local and foreign specialists and scientists to discuss and determine the priorities for the development of science and technology in Belarus for the next 20 years.

Wrapping up the Year of Science in Belarus!

BelarusFeed picked up the most memorable quotes of the Belarusian leader.

Nuclear power plant 

There has been a lot of arguments about the project, a lot of talk. They continue and new ones may still emerge. But I would like to directly tell our neighbors — primarily Lithuania, which worries so much about the construction of our power plant — safety is our concern. We are first and foremost interested in a safe nuclear power plant.

IT country

Just the other day we scrutinized the draft decree that can be rightly called revolutionary. As I promised, it will be signed before the New Year. It creates the conditions for Belarus to join the ranks of advanced countries and become one of the world leaders in certain areas. Having fulfilled all the provisions of the decree, we will go further in implementing the ambitious project of building an IT country. 

Science is the driving force

As for the fundamental science, the research of our scientists in the fields of physics, mathematics, informatics, and materials science has been gradually becoming the basis for the development of new technologies, industries and entire economic sectors.

Brain drain

It is difficult to evaluate the real scale of the brain drain problem because Belarusian scientists seek gainful employment in the private sector in addition to simply leaving the country. We should enable the most favorable conditions for the young generation. We should support youthful endeavors.


Why do they reproach me? They say I arranged soft Belarusization! Listen, what should I have arranged here – Germanization?

The president described this approach as mud slinging and advised the Belarusian scientists and journalists to work more so “that the Russians could know what is happening in the country closest to them.”

Bad image

The Internet is not always beneficial to Belarus. Today, the media and the Internet are full of views of various pseudo-analysts who are trying to destroy stability and peace in our society. There is a global world war, but it is run by new methods and first of all in the mass media.

Support for breakthrough ideas

Offer bold proposals, suggest breakthrough technologies! All your sensible initiatives will be supported. 

Great potential 

This year should be a new starting point and a stimulus for boosting the innovative potential and the enhancement of the role of science in all walks of life. Belarus’ scientific potential is a big productive force in the society. We have made considerable achievements, I have already mentioned some of them.

Top officials, heads of government bodies, representatives of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and Belarusian enterprises, MPs, representatives of public associations, universities, international organizations, and diplomats took part in the plenary session.

The meeting was attended by scientists from Azerbaijan, Armenia, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, China, Latvia, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Ukraine.

Sources: TUT.BY, belTApresident.gov.by