Belavia Ranks Top In List Of Most Punctual Airlines In February 2018

Minsk National Airport announced the airlines with the best on-time records for February 2018. Belarus-based Belavia ranked top in the list of most punctual air carriers.

Traveling is all about the journey and the carrier you’re flying, right?


When it comes to arriving to your destination on time, Belarusian carriers turned out to be one of the most reliable.

Belavia topped the on-time performance ranking in the category of airlines operating over 100 flights a month, the press service of Minsk airport reported.

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A punctuality rate of the Belarusian airlines is 74.9% – 1588 out of 2120 flights arrived precisely on time.

Azal has been named top on-time performer among the airlines with fewer than a hundred flights per month.

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With an on-time performance ranking 93.8%, the airline landed 15 out of 16 flights without delay.

Minsk National Airport itself emerged in the top ten most punctual European airports in the category “From 1.5 to 5 million passengers a year”.

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Next year, the airport plans to increase the passenger and cargo traffic, as well as the number of departures.

Raising the quality of air services and non-aviation services is also one of the priorities.