Belarusian 3-D Snail Stone Gets In Top 10 World Art Objects

We won’t get tired of saying how many talented people live in Belarus. This time this is Denis Hodas from Astravets who made us proud.

His 3-D stone snail got in the international online magazine StreetArt360 in the category February 2018 best of street art selection.

A pure masterpiece!

How did the artwork appear?

In September last year the chairman of the Podolsky village council in the Astravets district conctacted the street artist.

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He asked Denis to cover the stone that welcomes people entering the agro-town with drawings.

The artist acessed the object and decided that it has a perfect shape and surface to turn it into a 3-D snail.

Later, the photo of the art object emerged into the communities of graffiti artists on social media, where apparently StreetArt360 journalists saw it.

The Belarusian artist is 31 years old, he was born in Astravets.

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He studied in the Babruisk college and the Belarusian State Univesity in Minsk.

Denis currently lives in Minsk and creates custom-made artistic paintings .

Interesting that the artist learned that his work was recognized by fellow street artists from the journalists.