Belarus Ranked 41st In World’s Strongest Armies List Of 2018

Belarus’s Armed Forces keep strengthening its position in the ranking of countries with the strongest armies composed by Global Firepower analytics company.

Last year our army was ranked 49th.

This year the Belarusian Army was ranked 41st out of 136 nations.

The country’s forces include 515 combat tanks, 2,321 armored fighting vehicles, 583 self-propelled artillery, 290 towed artillery and 123 rocket projectors.

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It also shows that Air Force has 43 fighter and 111 attack aircraft, 67 transport and 24trainer aircraft, as well as 63 helicopters at its disposal.

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Thus, Belarus left behind many CIS countries, including Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan.

The ranking is based on more than 55 factors, which help to determine a country’s final PowerIndex score.

Military resources, diversity of weapon systems, natural resources, industry and geographical features, available manpower are taken into account.

The top three remains unchanged, with the U.S.A., Russia and China leading the way. India and France round out the top five.

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Belarus’s neighbours – Poland, Ukraine, Latvia and Lithuania – are placed 22nd,29th, 105th and 95th, respectively.

Belarus is among the world’s 20 biggest weapon-selling nations. In 2017, the country increased arms exports by 15% and earned more than $1 billion.