President Lukashenko Lifts Ban On Night-Time Sale Of Alcohol

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko ordered to lift restrictions on the sale of alcohol at night time in Minsk.

Cheers to that!

The experimental ban was introduced by Minsk City Executive Committee on 1 October and lasted only a day.

The nighttime ban on the sale of alcohol was described as ill-considered and ordered to be lifted overnight.

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“The fight against drunkenness and alcoholism should not be carried out by lopsided restrictions.

The restriction that in reality lead to the growth of the shadow market, criminal activity, and counterfeiting,” the Presidential Administration explained.

It also stressed that the experience of Belarus (including Soviet times) and foreign countries shows ineffectiveness and harmfulness of such prohibitions.

“The solution of the existing problem should be comprehensive with the main focus on preventive and educational measures, promotion of a healthy lifestyle.”

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Recall that a similar “night dry law” was introduced in the summer of 2015 that lasted a little over a month.

The restrictions were removed shortly after President Alexander criticized the government for indecisive protection of the domestic alcohol market.

For years Belarus has been recognized as the world leader in alcohol consumption. Luckily, this dubious honor is gradually fading away.

In the latest UN agency’s report, the Belarusians from the most drinking nation in the world turned into moderate drinkers.

Source: TUT.BY

Photo: Getty