Belarusian Picnic And Nordic Walking! Augustow Canal Park Opens Tourist Season 2018

Both Belarus and Poland opened a new season at the Augustow canal with sport events, national food tasting, merry dances and songs!

Scroll down to see the highlights of the weekend.

Belarusian natural reserve that became a real hotspot of tourism in Belarus was buzzing with life and excitement last weekend.

While sport lovers competed in Nordic walking, foodies enjoyed themselves at a cross-border picnic tasting small sandwiches, pastries, pancakes and draniki.

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Fans of fast food and Mexican cuisine treated themselves with juicy buritto and hot cheeseburgers.

Folk tunes, various master classes and rollicking dances created the atmosphere of joy, fun and true summer that came earlier than expected.

Thematic events, such as a festival of folk tales and legends (on 19 May) or folk art festival (on 26 May), take place here every weekend.

From the time it was first built, the canal was described by experts as a technological marvel, with numerous sluices contributing to its aesthetic appeal.

Starting in the late 1920s the canal became a tourist attraction, a picturesque route providing excellent sporting opportunities for canoeists, sailors and boaters.

Currently the canal offers numerous sightseeing and tourist attractions.