Where In the World Is? 15% Of Americans Confuse Ukraine For Belarus

Over 1,000 of Americans and Europeans were asked to point out countries on a world map. And here’s how they did, according to the holidaycottages.co.uk survey.

The website wanted to explore how well people really know the world and its borders. They asked both groups to identify various countries across the globe. And the results are surprising.

Locating 11 European states Americans found the Eastern region pretty perplexing. Ukraine, in particular, gave them a similarly hard time. Almost 45% identified it correctly, while 15.2% pointed to neighbouring Belarus instead.

Why Everyone Thinks Belarus Is A Part Of Russia

The U.K. and Spain were accurately identified by 70% of Americans and France by 68%. Croatia was the least recognized country at just 21.1%. It was mixed up for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova, and Serbia instead.

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One more interesting observation, no matter where the respondents traveled on the map, Europeans were universally more apt at identifying world countries than Americans.

What about you?

Image by belarusball