Amazon Sells Lukashenko Chocolate Set With President’s Brightest Quotes. Would You Buy One?

Internet users have spotted a curious offer on Amazon – a chocolate set devoted to Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko.

There are three sets with different portraits of the Belarusian leader on cover.

Each sets includes nine chocolates with Alexander Lukashenko’s quotes in English.

The chocolate is produced in Russia by a company called “Da Chocolate”, TUT.BY writes.

Chocolates with Belarusian president are part of the collection of chocolates with world leaders – Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Emmanuel Macron, Angela Merkel and others.

Best-selling at the moment are the chocolates with the American leader.

Sales usually go up before the elections, representatives of the company said.

The Belarusian version costs $9.95. The shipment is free worldwide.

We should note that there’s an alternative for the fans of politics and chocolate.

In Belarus, Kommunarka confectionery sells chocolate bars “President” that were made by the request of Alexander Lukashenko himself.

There’s no portrait of the president on Kommunarka’s chocolate bar, but it’s recipe and taste were approved by Alexander Lukashenko personally

The suger-free but sweet chocolates cost 2.29 Belarusian rubles (~€1.23).