Always Online! Google Reveals How Belarusians Behave On The Internet

Google has included Belarus in the list of countries surveyed by the behavior of Internet users for the first time.

Here are the results of the study Connected Consumer Survey 2016 for Belarus.

Most Belarusians go online every day


Share of users who go online every day among different age groups


91% of Internet users in Belarus access the world wide web daily. This percentage is even higher among young users – 98% of surveyed respondents under 35 years admitted being online every day.

Interestingly, the share of daily users is also high among Belarusians over 55/ In this age group it makes 78%.

What Belarusians do online


68% of Internet users in Belarus use their smartphones while watching TV


Per every Belarusian there’s an average of 1.8 devices connected to the Internet. 11% of respondents have 4 or more gadgets they are using actively.

68% of Internet users use their smartphones while watching TV, and 50% of respondents under 35 search the web while watching TV.

“When I need information, I am looking for it online in the first place”, say 59% of the users of the Belarusian section of the Internet.

49% of Belarusian users look for the information about some products at least once a month. 36% of users are looking for products with the help of a smartphone as often as on a computer.

Over a half of Belarusians possess smartphones


The share of Belarusians who are smartphone users


According to the survey, 59% of Belarusians today are smartphone users. The figure reaches 89% among users under 35 and 93% among those under 25.

Belarusians use their smartphones to search for information (58%), communicate in social networks  (53%) and watch online videos (43%).

Most often people need smartphones for personal use – 71% of respondents said so. 49% of Belarusians use smartphones only for personal purposes, 34% – for personal use as well as business.


What people use smartphones for on a weekly basis


79% of Internet users under 35 watch online videos at least once a week. 68% watch videos on their smartphones.

Source 42.TUT.BY.