Famous Traveller Comes To Belarus To Take Selfies With Zubr, Wolf And Other Animals

Allan Dixon, 31, an Irish photographer and traveller who roams the earth taking cute selfies with animals, came to Belarus to meet majestic zubrs, friendly wolves and wary foxes.

Ever been punched in the face by a Belarusian wolf?

While an ordinary tourist comes to Minsk with a trivial list of must-see places that usually includes city’s historic sights, museums, churches and monuments, Allan and his half a million army of Instagram subscribers are more into fluffy, cuddly and exotic creatures.

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That’s why “the animal selfie king” decided to visit the local eco-park Stankovo to have some good time with new four-legged friends and take a photo with the national symbol of Belarus – the zubr.

Here he is with a grey wolf named Tera who is obviously not a fan of selfies.

Allan Dixon

Giving some treats to the zubr!

Allan Dixon

Posing with a shy but still extremely fotogenic silver fox.

Allan Dixon

Pleading Tera the wolf for just one more photo…

Allan Dixon

Allan’s face after tasting some deer food.

Allan Dixon

Playing with his furry co-star in frigid temperatures.

Allan Dixon

Getting a haircut by a stylish yak.

Fans meet up

When Allan doesn’t hang out with animals he meets his fans to give them hugs and share some positive vibes.

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The snowman building meet up near the Svisloch River in Minsk was attended by up to two dozen true followers.

Allan Dixon

Some of them even travelled from Kyiv, Ukraine to meet a “real-life Dr. Dolittle” and bring him some warm handmade gifts.

What else did Allan do?

Well, he ate traditional draniki and red borsch and even had a “beating” massage with tree twigs at the Russian banya!

Besides, he slid near Komarovka market and arranged a mass snowfight with his fans!

What are his impressions?

Minsk is better to be seen in summer but people are awesome.

Good bye, Allan, travel safe and come back to Belarus in summer!