Abandoned And Forgotten! 9 Belarus Castles And Churches That We Can Lose Forever

Dilapidated castles, abandoned palaces and decayed churches, we can’t help but wonder how these impressive buildings have come to be forgotten.

Once grand and magnificent they are now simply a shell, a ruin, merely hinting at what was there hundreds of years before.

North gate of a manor in Starye Peski

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A luxurious palace with a great collection of pictures and weapons, rich archive and library – everything was destroyed by the fire in 1843.

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Unfortunately, the palace hasn’t been reconstructed since then. Present-day tourists can only see the former stable that was turned into a homestead.

There are also a couple of minor buildings and North gate – the most impressive part of the monument.

Where: Berezovsky district, Brest region

White Church

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The church, as well as the Basilian monastery, were built by the renown magnat Bogdan Sapega in the 16th century.

Years later the dilapidated church was reconstructed and now it is a popular destination for creative and artsy youth.

An international historic art and music festival “SPRAVA” took place here this summer, meaning there’s still hope for the church.

Where: Chashniki district, Vitebsk region

Catholic church of St. Anthony, Gubino village

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The cathedral that had been built in 1714 became one of the “victims” of October revolution in 1917.  It was ruined to the ground and left for good.

Where: Lepel district, Vitebsk region

Church of the Virgin Mary, Smolany village

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The temple that was built in 1678 saw the uprising of the 1930-31s. 

A masterpiece of the Vilna Baroque was also used as a collective-farm house by the bolsheviks.

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Now there is nothing but old collapsing walls and depressing decay.

Where: Orsha district, Vitebsk region

Calvinsky sbor, Pervomaisk village

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The sbor that was built in the second half of the 16th century belonged to many noble Belarusians of different epochs.

It was used for various purposes but ended like many others – abandoned and forgotten.

Where: Uzda district, Minsk region

Skirmuntov tomb-chapel, Molodovo village

The castle belonged to an old and notable Skirmunt family whose guests often compared it to the Petit Trianon in Versailles, the residence of Marie Antoinette.

Unfortunately, the Soviet authorities ordered to bomb the estate in 1944. From the whole ensemble only the crypt was preserved.

Where: Ivanovo district, Brest region

Manor “Old Belitsa”, Plamya village

The first mention of the manor dates back to 1551. It was owned by the eminent Sapegas and Zenovichi families.

The manor was an industry center for some time. It is also known as a place where Yanka Kupala, one of the greatest Belarusian-language writers of the 20th century, served King Svyatskiy.

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In 2008 Latvian investors bought the property. They planned to turn it into a cultural and business center with cafes, hotel and sauna.

However, Belarusian part put forward a condition to return a building to a 19th-century original bringing the process of renovation to a hault.

Where: Senno district, Vitebsk region

Stone crosses, Babtsy village

Twenty-six stone crosses were found several years ago at the Babtsy cemetery.  

They still remain an unexplainable phenomenon. Some believe the boulders are of pagan descent and can perform miracles.

Where: Dokshitsky district, Vitebsk region

Sangushek Castle “White Kovel”, Smolany village

The construction of the castle started in 1620 and lasted for 80 years. Years later it was confiscated by the Russian Empire and dismantled for building material.

A five-tier central tower is the only thing that was left untouched and now provides a great visual reminder of the ravages of time.

Whatever fate lies ahead for these spaces, we still believe that their beauty will once be restored and reinvigorated!

Where: Orsha district, Vitebsk region

Source: TUT.BY