7 Good Reasons To Visit Belarus In Autumn

As summer ends many prefer to postpone travel till next year. Why do that? There are so many reasons to discover new places in fall!

Here are some warm and cozy ideas about why you should plan your visit to Belarus in autumn.

Mushrooms and berries!

Cranberries, lingonberries,  birch boletes are just some gifts of the season. With the romantic atmosphere of the forests added to it, you get a perfect relaxation mix!

Foggy Mornings

Admit it: after hot summer days and joy one longs for some cool mist and tender sadness. And did you know that Minsk fogs are no less amazing than famous London’s fogs?

Golden Trees

A cliché? No, it’s autumn’s eternal classics! In September one can spot amazing green-and-yellow mosaics of trees.

Departing Birds

If you like birdwatching, autumn would be an ideal season for you. And even if not – their sky dances are anyway a show to watch!

Friend picnics in dachas and forests

As you may know, Belarusians love to spend their time in good company. And many of us would agree: the best place to relax, grow plants, go to a sauna and spend a nice time with their friends and family is the dacha. “Dacha” is a term for both their wooden country house and the few hectares of land around it where they do leisurely stuff.

So here’s a plan: find yourself Belarusian friends who have a country house, and ask them to take you there for a weekend – even in exchange for some garden work!

In case there’s no dacha around, just make a short escape with your friends to the woods. Believe us, you wouldn’t regret.


Picking apples, baking apple pies, drinking tea with apples… Awwww!

80s Style Berlin street in Minsk

Ok, enough of the countryside, let’s get back to the city! In recent years two party-and-bar streets have appeared in the capital – Zybickaja and Kastryčnickaja. While Zybickaja is certainly the centre of glam summer parties, a more remote and warm Kastryčnickaja is the place where fun moves to in fall.

Street art festival Vulica Brasil, delicious food and arty people in an industrial retro setting is what you will immerse into in Kastryčnickaja street. Oh, and it’s the only street in Minsk – and probably elsewhere – that has its own Instagram account!

Main picture by Viacheslav Mazai.