Top 5 Places To Get Drunk In Minsk, By East European Magazine

Post Pravda, the magazine on travel, politics and art in Eastern Europe, has recently published an article about 5 places in Minsk where one can wet his whistle and have fun.

Raise your glasses!

Starting his review the author Patrick Dudley says that Minsk has gained “an unfair reputation as a joyless post-Soviet backwater.”

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He also notes that beyond the clichés and general disinterest among Westerners the city is building up a diverse and cool nightlife scene.

Patrick pesonally visited all the bars in his article and belives that each of them speak to the amazing personality and character of the city.


The ideal place to get your night moving.

The foreigner couldn’t but notice the place’s “neat, clean, and simplistic design.”

The menu is minimalisti but still comprehensive. The staff has lots of personality and is engaging.

“With group tables, this place is perfectly designed for you to enter the bar with 5 friends but leave with 5 new friends. “


Hang out on the hippest Minsk Kastryčnickaja street and you have no chance to miss that place.

“Bartenders here are serving up cocktails with neck tattoos, so you definitely know this is the center of Minsk’s emerging youth culture.

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If you want to see the next step in the Minsk story, then come down here on a Friday or Saturday, where you’ll find the most progressive people in the city.”

Draniki Viaskovyja

Very cheap and authentic.

“At the risk of being an optimist, you could say this is the worker’s bar. This place is a true gem and has zero pretention. 

It is the sort of place where you see individuals that are less so looking for a drink then fellas looking to get absolutely pissed.”


The place that starts a good night and leaves you with a rough morning.

“The closest thing to a tourist attraction of any of these places, Centralny is housed in a grandiose Soviet-style supermarket.

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A friend remarked once that it is the place that everyone in Minsk finds themselves whether it is students, drunks, or businessmen.”

Kew London

“Draniki Viaskovyja” in reverse and decent English.

“It comes across as more of a private club than it does an open bar. The drinks aren’t cheap but it is well worth the experience.

The sort of place to take someone you’re looking to impress or you just wanna enjoy a cocktail with top service.”