5 Facts About Rare White Lion Cubs Presented To Nikolai Lukashenko

Four extremely rare white lion cubs were presented to Belarus President’s son Nikolai Lukashenko.

The news about the the unusual pets spread like wild fire and this is what journalists managed to find about the giant cats.

1. A roaring gift from an oligarch

An exotic present came to Belarus from Armenia, specifically from the local billionaire, businessman and politician Gagik Tsarukyan.

The influential oligarch is a co-founder of the Armenian Standard company that exports spirits such as cognacs and brandy to Belarus.

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Gagik Tsarukyan and Alexander Lukashenko are connected by long-standing friendship and love to rare animals, obviously.

2. The cats that cost a fortune

The price of one white lion cub can reach up to $140,000 that makes the president’s son Kolya a half-a-millionaire.

Based on available information, there are less than 300 white lions worldwide. Interestingly, there are no white lions at the Yerevan Zoo in Armenia.

3. Where are the two other cubs?

The unique animals, the lion Nick and the lioness Nika, have resided at the Minsk Zoo since December 2016.

The whereabouts of the other two remain unknown generating varios rumors about some VIP zoo for Kolya’s pricey pets.

Recall that Alexander Lukashenko, who is known for his love of land and farming, keeps numerous animals at his farm.

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“Three ostriches, ducks, 25 geese. I had 70 rabbits, but I’ve given a lot of them away, so now there are only 20 left.

I also have 10 cows, 10 goats, 15 sheep, seven or eight horses,” the president  told the media a year ago.

4. They eat better than many Belarusians

According to the zoo keepers, the young lions eat up to 10 kilograms of high quality meat a day.

They prefer juicy choice beef that was previously defatted by the zoo workers so that animals do not have obesity and stay active.

5. They are not actually white

The lions aren’t albinos and they are not pure white.

Unlike albino lions, white lions have normal-colored eyes, lips, and paw pads.

The white coat color of these lions is often attributed to a genetic condition called leucism.

Source: TUT.BY