4000km And 78 Days To A Dream! Disabled Guy Crosses Europe On A HAND-BIKE

Sasha Avdevich from Lida, a town in Belarus, has completed his long journey across Europe. It took him 78 days do ride 4000km from Minsk to Porto on a hand-bike. 


Picture: facebook.com

The Belarusian set off on July 1. On his way to Portugal, his final destination, Sasha crossed Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Holland, Belgium, France and other European states.

The most challenging part of the trip was a road in Finland where the man had to ride 100km up the hill, struggling with technical problems of his bike.

He almost gave up in Spain, some 800km from Porto.

“In San Sebastian, I thought of stopping and quitting. But then one guy from Porto wrote to me: “Are you kidding?”. Dreams have to come true. And he picked me up with the bicycle, and we drove these 800 kilometers through mountains”, the Belarusian tells.

By completing the challenge Sasha has actually accomplished two goals – his dream of seeing the ocean and raising money for charity. People who were following him on social networks helped with accomodation and finance.

“I managed to collect the sum that will be enough to the repair the center for rehabilitation of people in wheelchairs in Lida. That’s what I am going to do when I return.”

Five years ago Sasha Avdevich was left disabled in a road accident. Since then the young man can move only in a wheelchair. The disability made him determined to work to improve lives of other disabled people and give motivation for people who are in a similar situation.

The Belarusians was documenting his trip on Youtube (InvaLIFE), Instagram (@avdevich) and Facebook using a hashtag #‎BelarusAlien‬.

The adventurous traveler will fly back to Belarus on September 24.