Over 4000 Tourists Visit Belarus In One Month Since Visa-Free Travel Start

Over 4,400 foreign travelers from 59 countries have used the opportunity to visit Belarus without a visa for 5 days. The results of the first visa-free month was revealed by State Border Committee.

Belarus welcomed 4,438 foreign nationals from 12 February to 13 March.


First visa-free tourists arrived on 12 February. Photo: TUT.BY

Most travelers came from Germany (710 people), Poland (548), Italy (479), France (250), and the UK (247).

Besides, citizens of more distant countries llike Uruguay, Panama, Namibia, Andorra, and Malaysia have started using the new opportunity of travel to Belarus.

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Overall, Belarus has welcomed 10,477 foreign tourists since tha start of visa-free entry. Some did not use the option as they either intended to stay in the country for more than five days, or already had a Belarusian visa.

Tourist numbers are growing. For example, last year the number of tourists over the same period reached 7,890 people.

“We should not attribute the growth to the introduction of visa-free entry alone. Passenger traffic is increasing from year to year, including through Minsk Airport. But new rules have definitely had an impact,” border authorities said.

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