39 Foreign Tourists Visit Grodno Over First Visa-Free Weekend

As many as 39 tourists visited Grodno over the first weekend after the launch of visa-free travel on 26 October, BelTA reports with a reference to Grodno region Executive Committee on 31 October.

Members of an official delegation from Poland’s Podlaskie Voivodeship were the first tourists to enter the visa-free zone of the Augustow Canal on 26 October.


Tourists from Poland, Lithuania and Spain also took advantage of visa-free travel in the first days after its launch.

As of today, another 70 foreign nationals have applied with travel agencies to get a permit to enter Belarus visa-free.

To do that, foreigners obtained a permission via Belarusian tour operators and travel agencies. It is important to mind that when requesting a permission foreigners have to order any service (a package tour or just one excursion) from the agency, so it will add to the cost.


A family from Spain were one of the first visa-free tourists in Grodno. Picture: belaruspartisan.org

Guillermo, a Spanish student living in Poland, and his parents were among the first visa-free tourists. They came to Grodno to visit Belarusian friends.

How can I visit Grodno visa-free

It took them about 45 minutes to cross the border – they showed the permission with a QR code, and were asked standard questions about the purpose and duration of the visit. In Grodno tourists were accompanied by a tour guide and Guillermo’s friend.

“Many Spaniards do not even know such a country as Belarus exists. Now, after Grodno has been made visa-free, it needs good marketing. Then foreigners can become really interested, because the city does have things to show”, the young man told Belaruspartisan.


The territory of the recreation park Augustow Canal in Hrodna region became visa-free starting 26 October. Tourists can spend there up to five days.