28 Times Cheaper Than In 2015. Ballpark Budget Of European Games 2019 In Belarus Revealed

shamko-24-05-2016-1The Minister of Sports Alexander Shamko spoke about the budget and kinds of sports in the 2nd edition of the European Games that will be held in Minsk in 2019.

According to the official, the Games in Belarus will include 12-14 kinds of sports – based on the capacities of the already existing and planned sports infrastructure. Competitions will be held in Minsk and outside the city.

Shamko said that the European Olympic Committees (EOC) do not demand any record numbers from Belarus.

“Their main requirement is the high level and quality of organization, creation of normal working atmosphere and business environment for athletes, coaches and spectators”, the minister said.

The ballpark budget of the European Games 2019, according to international experts’ estimates, is $30-40 mln. Part of the expenses will be covered by the EOC.

“The Games are a good way to promote the county internationally”, Alexander Shamko believes.

He also noted that the visa regime for foreign sportsmen and spectators will be facilitated similarly to how it was done during the 2014 IIHF World Championship.

Minsk was chosen the host of the European Games 2019 during the 45th General Assembly of the European Olympic Committees on 20-22 October.

The First European Games were held in Azerbaijan on 12-28 June 2015. They were attended by 5730 athletes from 50 countries. 253 sets of medals were played in 30 sports. The official budget of the competition reached $1.12 bln, thought unofficially the figure was several times higher.