2016 New Europe List of 100 Brightest And Best People Out! Here Are The Three Best Belarusians

The 2016 New Europe 100 is the annual list of central and eastern Europe’s brightest and best people — plus the organisations who are changing the region’s societies, politics or business environments and displaying innovation, entrepreneurialism and fresh approaches to prevailing problems.

The challengers are selected by Res Publica, the Warsaw-based journal; Google, the state-supported Visegrad Fund promoting integration within central Europe and the Financial Times.

There are three Belarusians in the new edition – Eugene Nevgen, Kiryl Chykeyuk and Artem Stavenka.


Eugene Nevgen, the co-founder of MSQRD, was included in the list for achieving global success. In 2015 he co-founded Masquerade, the company which developed the MSQRD face swapping app.

The application is based on the 3D face tracking technology developed by its creators, and works both on iOS and Android.

In 2016 the product was acquired by Facebook.


Artem Stavenka and Kiryl Chykeyuk are the Belarusian founders of Kino-mo, an award-winning company, that develops high-tech smart visual technologies for projecting images.

They have not only created an innovative technology for holograms but also started successfully marketing it with support from investors, such as Richard Branson, Marc Cuban, etc.

This is the third edition of New Europe 100 list. In the previous years its authors included Victor Kislyi, the creator of World of Tanks, and representatives of media and culture.