16 Pics Proving That Autumn Is More Glorious Outside The City

When summer ends, people would typically say “Okay, I am hiding at my home under a blanket till spring. Bye-bye!” Seriously, why do that? Autumn is gourgeous, especially when it comes to nature transformations!

Don’t be afraid to explore the beauty of this season outside the city – or better, you should definitely do that!

And here are some colorful scenes from all over Belarus to convince you!

Mornings in autumn are slower but much more romantic.

Everything around seems to be magically transforming every minute!

Nature still offers some tasty treats…

… and immense tranquility.

Your pet will definitely thank you if you take it along!

And probably make some friends.

So put away your blanket and put on shoes instead!

Preview image by Dimid Vazhnik.