159 Films And 45 Countries. A Guide To Minsk Film Festival “Listapad”

Minsk International Film Festival, the main film event in Belarus, opens on Friday, 4 November. This year the festival runs under the slogan “Towards the inspiration” and features 159 films from 45 countries.

The program includes competitive and non-competitive screenings. Foreign films will be broadcasted in the original language with Russian and English subtitles, Belarusian films will be accompanied with English subtitles.


The 1st edition of MIFF “Listapad” was held in Minsk in 1994. The festival is not only the platform for watching a movie, but also an international educational communication platform – it includes master classes, discussions, exhibitions and creative meetings, aimed at training of young professional and raising important issues of filmmaking.

The Festival is held annually in November and includes 4 sections: feature(fiction) and documentary films, children and youth film competition, national competition.

Each year the festival presents films from CIS countries, Central and South-East Asia, Baltics, Eastern and Central Europe. 7 international jury evaluate competitive programs.

Here’s a guide with 13 films that make “Listapad” strong and interesting European festival.


GRADUATION (Romania, France, Belgium)

9 November – 18.00, Centralny cinema, 10 November – 21.30, Pioner cinema

The film tells about concerns of the post-socialist world: melancholy for other territories, other ideals, the feeling that people can not find their place in society. But everything becomes clear in the brilliant final.

(Romania, France, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Republic of Macedonia)
10 November – 17.30, Centralny, 11 November – 21.00, Pioner

Somewhere in Bucharest, three days after the attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris and forty days after his father’s death, a 40-year-old doctor Lary spends one Saturday at a family gathering in memory of the deceased. The event does not go as planned. Discussions are heated, fierce exchnages of opinion arise. And the arrival of an uninvited guest finally turns the funeral into chaos where everyone is trying to have a bone to pick with each other.

LILY LANE (Hungary, Germany, France)
8 November – 19.30, Centralny

The movie captures the viewer by its incredibly complicated and mysterious story, where the characters behave in a weird way from the point of view of everyday logic. The film tells the story of the latent fears, coming from the depths of human subconsciousness.


Competition “Youth on the march” was created to support budding filmmakers. No fewer than 10 most notable debut works of young filmmakers throughout the world are showcased here.


6 November – 14.30, Centralny, 11 November – 19.00, Pioner

It is would not be a mistake to say that this movie is one of the most unusual and original works of modern cinema.

The film is about the face of human fears. The world of children’s fears and phobias is described by the most expressive cinematic means.


9 November – 15:30 and 11 November – 17.00, Centralny

It is the deepest psychological drama based on voyeurism motive. The topic of spying after other people is presented in an intellectual and exciting way.


8 November –  15.30, 21.00, Mir

The film director does not hide the fact that at first she didn’t immediately like character, that he seemed to a man trying to please everybody. But as she follows him for a while, the politician evokes deep and sincere liking in her.

On the screen we see a healthy, wise, strong, emotional man, but we know from the very beginning that he is not alive anymore. This cruel contradiction makes the film heart searching and dramatic, and makes us think about the price the person had paid for success, fame and desire of power.

UKRAINIAN SHERIFFS (Ukraine, Latvia, Germany)
7 November – 15.00, 21.20, Mir

Ukraine has put this film up for the Oscar award. The film director is onserving the life of two sheriffs in a large Ukrainian village. The whole Ukrainian reality with its dramas, difficulties and absurdities is shown in the background.

5 November – 12.30, 19.30, Mir

There are places in Europe that have retained painful memories of the past. These places are now memorial sites that are open to public and receive thousands of  tourists every year. This film is an observation after the visitors to a memorial site that has been founded on the territory of a former concentration camp.

Why do they go there? What are they looking for?


PATERSON (USA, France, Germany)
8 November – 19.00, Pioner

Paterson’s life is full of romantic moments: he is a bus driver in the city of Paterson, New Jersey. Moreover, in his spare time he writes poetry into a notebook to his wife, Laura. Paterson loves Laura and she loves him. He supports her newfound ambitions; she champions his gift for poetry.

The film quietly observes the triumphs and defeats of everyday life, where all the smallest details are filled with beauty.


9 November – 20.00, Pioner

The film tells about how it is important to remain human. This story contains a lot of funny scenes, that the audience will gladly applaud to.


5 November – 21.00, Pobeda, 9 November – 18:00, Mir

Igor and Sveta are in love. They come to Vitebsk for a weekend to visit Igor’s mother and make a video blog about his hometown.

10 November 11.30, Mir

Five teenagers go to a country house to celebrate a birthday. One of them has to take his younger sister with him. The friends are having fun there until one of them realizes that the little girl has disappeared. These two days dramatically change their view of reality…

DEAD SOULS (Belarus)
5 November – 15:30, Pobeda,  9 November – 15.30, Mir

The movie filmed with a single shot tells about a modern Belarusian enterprise. A lot of disabled people work there because of the tax benefits. The company is preparing for a holiday, but a little trouble will turn everything upside down and show real faces of people…

Minsk International Film Festival is running till 11 November. Film screenings are held in Centralny, Mir, Pioner and Pobeda cinema houses.

You can find full program of the festival see here.

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